Bytes Technology Learnerships 2014

Bytes Technology learnerships presented by Bytes Technology Group are considered the best learnerships of IT to do. The learnerships cover many skill developments particularly on IT. The Bytes Technology Group has been several years handling the learnership programmes for any 12 grades graduates over South Africa.

Why Choosing Bytes Technology Learnerships

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If you are not sure about the learnerships offered by Bytes Technology Group, you can consider the following reasons why you are suggested to pick them. First, Bytes Technology Group offers various learnerships on IT including the computer programmeming and computer administration. Second, Bytes Technology Group is competent company which has been running the training programme accredited by ISSET and SETA. Third, Bytes Technology Group offers learnerships which lead the learners to achieve good soft skill on IT and computer programmeming.

How Bytes Technology Learnerships Contribute People’s Life

It is interesting to know that a huge technology company over the country opens opportunity to people with various disabilities to get their knowledge and skill developed through learnerships. The Bytes Technlology learnerships will give a lot of contributions to unemployed people’s life by sharing the skill and knowledge on technology. By doing so, the unemployed people or 12 grades graduates will be able to gain their skill on computer programmeming and computer administration. If they are qualified enough, they can barely enter the company as one of their qualified workers.

The learnerships offered by Bytes Technology Group are highly recommended for anybody who wants to increase their knowledge and skills on IT. The programmes are free to enter by anyone who is qualified. Furthermore, during doing the Bytes Technology learnerships, the learners will be paid like a real worker.

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  1. Im fhumulani im lookng for a job i hv information Technology certificate

  2. Mashudu says:

    Hy,I’m mashudu mushamula,looking for an internship,learnership or job,I have diploma in information technology,certificate in java oracle and level 4 and 5 system development certificate mict

  3. Hi I’m a IT student doing 3 years diploma and this is my 1st year, do I quality for the learnership?

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