Learnerships in Limpopo 2014

Learnerships in Limpopo are considered good means to prepare your selves to achieve better jobs in the future especially if you live in South Africa. Why is it so? It is because nowadays, getting a job is not an easy matter. You must have such skill to get an appropriate job, particularly if you graduated from high school.

Kinds of Learnership in Limpopo 2013/2014

There are plenty kinds of learnership offered for people who graduated from high school but wanted to have better job. You can pick the learnerships according to your passion. The kinds of learnership offered in Limpopo including the learnership for mines, electricians, mechanical engineering, healthcare, and so on. Those learnerships are offered to prepare the participants to face the real world job by training. However, the training will be paid according to the job.


Learnerships in Limpopo: The Benefits

For all of you who are living in Limpopo, South Africa, joining learnerships in Limpopo will give you a lot of benefits. You will be able to gain and increase special skills required for the job you ever dream about. Besides, you will get abundant experience about how to do this, how to handle that, and so on. Those things are very beneficial for your real job later on. Furthermore, you will get paid as well. Applying for learnerships is what you need to spend your days after graduation with beneficial activities. You will not get bored waiting for a job because you have already had a job by applying for learnerships in Limpopo. Then, you also let yourself getting prepared for the real job in the future both in South Africa or outside South Africa.

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  1. I am having n2 electrical engineering,call centre inbound and outbound,licence code 10,matric,currently studying n3,I am looking for any job or leanerships,I am a hardworker and can work effectively with a team,I have great sense of humour,I can work under supervision

  2. Davhana dzivhuluwani stanley says:

    I’m 35 years of age having a bachelor degree in evironmental sciences,call centre,security grade 2,c,d desperatetly looking for job ior internship

  3. Thobi Ephraim Njozana says:

    I am having NCV Information technology Level 2 and Level 3.I am desperately looking for any Learnership in Information technology.

  4. vivian mhlongo says:

    HI IM LOOKING FOR A LEARNERSHIP I HAVE COMPLETED n5 in electrical engineering

  5. Greetings
    My name is Lihle Mtshali (21) I’ve reccently graduated for a Diploma In Journalism would very much be happy and honored to be part of this Learnership. At the moment I’m currently volunteering at the SAPS at Durban Provincial Offices in the Department of communication sector.

  6. Leshoka Jack Molokomme says:

    Hi I’m Mr Jack Molokomme I’m looking for a learnership I did Basic ambulance assistance and I’ll be happy if I get opportunity to be part of this learnership

  7. My name is Paul Maphutha, a young energetic man of 22. I am currently doing computer studies at Avuxeni Computer Academy but most certainly my passion is on Mechanical engineering, particularly “Motor engineering” and I would desperately like to grab an opportunity related to such sphere of study (Mech). Being considered in this learnership will help me climb the lather through to my career destination of becoming an aeronautical engineer.

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