Mining Learnerships in Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga is considered a potential area for mining. Considering that, some owners of mining company there provides such learnerships. The learnerships in Mpumalanga are highly recommended for those who want to work in mining company in the future. The learnerships offered really work to support the unemployed persons to get better job in mining company.

There are plenty learnership programmes offered in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Most of them are related to the mining companies stand there. The positions offered from the learnership includes the senior engineering specialist, security technician, superintendent field engineers, construction managers, and many more. Those positions are offered for free to the qualified applicants. What the applicants must do when applying for learnerships in Mpumulanga is first preparing the documents. The documents include their latest education certificate. It is good if the applicants get recommendation letter from their high school. Second is preparing curriculum vitae. Make sure that you write anything important in your CV. Third is preparing for the test and interview. The test will be related to engineering and mining mechanical. It means that the test covers mathematics, physics, and engineering. After you pass the test and pass the interview session, then you will be placed in the position you apply for.


Applying to do mining learnership is considered a good decision especially for those who are living near the mining industry in South Africa. The learnerships like learnerships in Mpumulanga will help them a lot to increase their knowledge and enhance their skill of engineering and mining mechanical. Further, if they are qualified after finishing the learnership program, they will be recruited to fulfill the same position in the company.

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  1. Otsile Masenya says:

    Good day.. I am otsile masenya, and I am looking for a company where I can do my learner ship. I have an N5 certificate in mechanical engineering. if anyone can help me out, I would be very greatful

  2. Ben Phasha says:

    hi i am Ben Phasha, hard worker willing to work in the mining industry, i have passed matric with maths & P/ Science. worked in the manufacturing company for 5yrs as a supervisor. now i want a learnership in mining industry

    i will appritiate any one who can help me with any imfomation.

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