Nursing Learnerships 2013 in South Africa

Nursing learnerships gives plenty beneficial impacts to those who apply them. The learnerships for nurse profession open the opportunity to be a professional nurse in the future. Besides, it can enhance somebody’s skill in healthcare with 70% practices and 30% theories.

Advantages of Applying to Do Nursing Learnerships

Applying to do learnership for nursing gives many advantages for those who want to get a job in hospital or healthcare center. The first advantage is gaining specific skills in nursing and healthcare. People who want to have a job in hospital should have specific skills. However, it must take much time to gain the skills through regular nursing education. Therefore, it is a good decision to apply for nursing learnerships. The second advantage is enriching experience in nursing. Working as nurse or healthcare assistance requires people to have sufficient experience. The third advantage is achieving certificate of qualification. It is important to have certificate of qualification that are considered in the whole country.

nursing learnerships

Why Applying to Do Nursing Learnerships in South Africa

Instead of the advantages, the unemployed people should know why they need to apply for learnerships in nursing in South Africa. First, in South Africa, there is quite rare to find nursing education. In fact, the need of nurse and healthcare worker is high. Second, South Africa is a potential country in which there are many hospitals owned by the government. Mostly, the hospitals receive the employee from the learnerships supported by the government themselves. Therefore, it is a big opportunity to apply to do learnership for nursing. Learnerships for nursing are good ways to achieve better job in hospital and healthcare center. It is because the training is focused on gaining more skills and enriching knowledge of healthcare. Furthermore, most of the nursing learnerships in South Africa are supported by the government.

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  1. Lindiwe nhlapo says:

    Having this chance, will make a big chance in m life… Im looking forwad too hear from you. Thank u

  2. nondumiso ngema says:

    I saw the post of nursing intership iwould like to get it .I just finished school last year.i passed with a bachelors’degree.I have the Life Science level 5 an physical Science level 3 an Math leve2 English level 5.Life Orientation level 5,Geography level 4 and isiZulu level 6.

  3. Greetings
    My name is Lihle Mtshali (21) I’ve reccently graduated for a Diploma In Journalism would very much be happy and honored to be part of this Learnership. At the moment I’m currently volunteering at the SAPS at Durban Provincial Offices in the Department of communication sector. I have a background of life science because i did it in matric.

  4. Thozama Joya says:

    IM Thozama joya I wish to get this opportunity to join the nursing. because I believe that my dream will come true

  5. Um Thataone i heard about this nursing oppotunity and i wish to be part of it.

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